Portal Smart Gigabit WiFi Router

Portal router is a small but a powerful router. This router is a latest device what can cover your home and office area. You will use this router for mesh routing. This router is identified as a smart router and it is sold at $270. This router is Solid throughput in testing what is superior over many routers. This router supports MU-MIMO data streaming. It comes with the Fastlanes 5GHz technology. This router is covered by shiny white plastic and it is small device what saves space. It has some cons what you cannot ignore also. Those are Mobile application feature. Lacks many features of web application what you will find in many routers. Imperfect parental controls what is not sufficient. No QoS settings option. Buggy installation in testing. With this fast Portal Smart Gigabit Wi-Fi Router, you can enjoy fast throughput, MU-MIMO streaming internet service and a couple of extra 5GHz channels, but configurability and control are limited and the mobile app wants some work.

The Portal Smart Gigabit Wi-Fi Router which is available at $378 for the 2-pack we tested by Explosion Design Labs is yet another Wi-Fi system that uses mesh technology to deliver whole-house wireless reporting with seamless roaming.

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